So I just started a new (and my final!) school year and one of the courses I’m taking is Computer Organization. The course itself focuses on digital logic and design, microprogramming and (of course) computer system organization. The content – especially digital logic – reminds me very much of the circuits we had to draw in Grade 12 Physics.

Anyway, as someone who has never done anything with electronics (unless changing the hard drive on my old notebook counts), my first lab has been looking kind of daunting to me. I mean, breadboards?! Transistors?! 7400 series chips?!

Thankfully, youtube has anything and everything, and I just uncovered this gem. The video walks you through the basics of a breadboard and how to use it to build circuits and (by extension, logic gates, though that part is more implied than demonstrated). It’s well paced and narrated, and explains the functions of a breadboard in a concise, easy to understand manner. I look forward to going through this entire channel for more help throughout this semester!

Experiment safely!