Anyone who knows me knows that I love cats. So, when I was thinking about what to do over the winter break to learn how to use an API, Reddit + cats seemed to be a winning combination. So, here’s….. Reddit Cats!

Reddit Cats is an aggregator that collates photos posted to the front page of /r/cats subreddit and presents them on a single page, for your viewing convenience (and creating a massive overload of cuteness).

One of the things I dislike about reddit (and similar services) is that there is no “preview” for the photo links; there’s no way to see the photo without following the link to another page. Reddit Cats fixes that. With this web app, you can view all the photos in one page, and cycle through them in a lightbox slideshow, using arrow keys for navigation. You can go here to find out more about what technologies were used to make this app and learn more about what I intend to do with the project.

You can view a demo of Reddit Cats here.


The project is still in its infancy and there are some kinks that need to be sorted out, but all in all, I had fun doing this project. The inital layout didn’t take me too long (since I’ve chosen to forgo a lot of styling in favour of a minimalistic interace), but getting the Ajax calls set up and handling the return data took a bit longer. I’ve used reddit and imgur APIs in this project, along with standard JSON, jQuery, and Ajax.