My name is Aditi Barbhai. I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto double-majoring in Computer Science and Genetics Biotechnology. I am also minoring in Sociology, all of which has been fun so far. I’m a tech enthusiast who likes science and computers in general, but my main interests lie in Development (software and web applications) and Biotechnology. I’m in my last year at U of T and currently work as a developer.

So far, I’ve worked with C, Java, Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, jqGrid, Ajax, WordPress, vBulletin and phpBB3. My list of favourite things is ever changing, but right now, I’m really enjoying working with web technologies.

I spent the last year working as a Software Developer intern (PEY) at IBM, where I was heavily involved in web development. I serve as the Director for Bookends (a book club), and UTHub (online social network for University of Toronto students). I’ve been involved in social media marketing for my personal projects (seen here), and have served as the webmaster for some websites. I was a contributing blogger to the IBM Future Blue intern blog (2012-2013).

To see examples of my work, go here, and see see my resume here.

To see what I’m learning/working on right now, check out my blog.

My other interests include reading (most scifi, fantasy, pop science), writing, astronomy, science and travelling.