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“What the internet is doing to our brains”

One of the things that often comes up for students like me (and for people who work primarily with the internet) is the great distraction it poses to “real life” and “real work”. Suffice it to say, there are many arguments against this phrasing, but the fact remains that the internet can be as great a distraction as it can be an aid. Continue reading ““What the internet is doing to our brains””

(tutorial) Getting started with shell scripting!

So, I’m back to school this semester (part time for now) and one of the first things we’re doing in our class is Shell Scripting. As a girl who got into this whole “computer science thing” after playing around with several Linux distros and loving the terminal, this is very fun for me! The course’s focus is mainly UNIX and C, but this is how we’re getting introduced to the terminal and I have no qualms. Shell scripting is almost like a game, and fairly is easy to pick up, even for someone who has little to no knowledge of the shell/terminal. So here’s a little script to get you started!

Continue reading “(tutorial) Getting started with shell scripting!”

“I would rather be broke in a start up reinventing the world than anything else”

A great talk by LUXr founder Janice Fraser about her career path so far, and the life of an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

I love her little cartoon post-its! She’s like the Tina Fey of Silicon Valley, lol.

How to conquer the iPod/iPhone white screen of death

So, I recently had this scare where I woke up, picked up my phone to check the time, and… was greeted by the “white screen of death”. No, this is not really death (or so I told myself as I hauled up my computer and got googling).

The queries returned several options, but this is the one that worked for me: simply hold down the HOME + POWER key SIMULTANEOUSLY and within seconds, your phone or iPod should reboot!

There are other threads out there with different solutions (such as holding down the volume up + home + power key simultaneously) , but those didn’t work for me.

And now you know!

jQuery Drag & Drop

I’ve been trying to learn jqGrid lately, which is a plugin for jQuery. I came across a “drag and drop” table function in jqGrid, which I thought was really cool. While trying to play around with the “DnD” tables, I found out that it’s based on jQuery’s “draggable” and “droppable” properties. A Google search lead me to this tutorial: (link)

I think it’s a great tutorial to help you get started with DnD in jQuery, and it’s easy enough for a novice like me to follow!

I’ve noticed a severe lack of jqGrid tutorials (especially using json local data and DnD tables), so I’ll be putting up a tutorial of my own shortly.



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