Life and Code

by Aditi Barbhai



Learning how to use breadboards

So I just started a new (and my final!) school year and one of the courses I’m taking is Computer Organization. The course itself focuses on digital logic and design, microprogramming and (of course) computer system organization. The content – especially digital logic – reminds me very much of the circuits we had to draw in Grade 12 Physics. Continue reading “Learning how to use breadboards”

So you want to be a developer?

I came across this series on YouTube today. It takes an animated (pun intended) approach to helping students figure out if a career in development is for them.

This is my no means an exhaustive explanation of what being a developer really is like, but it’s a good place to start.

You can check out the rest of their videos here.

(tips) How to extend the battery life of any android device

So I recently got a new nexus 7 (review/pics coming up soon!), and while surfing the net to find some relevant tips, I found this one. Continue reading “(tips) How to extend the battery life of any android device”

“I would rather be broke in a start up reinventing the world than anything else”

A great talk by LUXr founder Janice Fraser about her career path so far, and the life of an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

I love her little cartoon post-its! She’s like the Tina Fey of Silicon Valley, lol.

What Is Bad Writing?

BAD WRITING from Morris Hill Pictures on Vimeo.

What Is Bad Writing? | Thought Catalog.

The movie Bad Writing, a well-reviewed documentary about the craft/art/thing that is writing, is streaming for free on Vimeo. The doc includes interviews with such well-known authors as George Saunders, Margaret Atwood, and David Sedaris. Vernon Lott, the filmmaker, was inspired to make the documentary when he came across some poems from his younger days, when he wanted to be a writer.

Looking forward to watching this! Margaret Atwood is one of my favourite authors (and a fellow Victoria College alum!).

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